Regional Policy & Planning

Upjohn researchers approach regional and urban issues from two perspectives: an in-depth monitoring of our immediate region, and broader examinations of regional and urban issues.

We analyze public policy that affects industry sectors and federal policy efforts to encourage regional collaboration. As part of our commitment to our own local region, we also create economic forecasts, economic impact studies, and policy studies of the local economies that make up western Michigan.

The Institute also investigates how urban and regional labor markets work within the U.S. and internationally, from both the demand and the supply sides, and examine how public policy could improve local labor market outcomes. Because small business is crucial to economic development, especially in urban areas, we pay particular attention to the role of entrepreneurs in urban labor markets.

Featured Publications
"But For" Percentages for Economic Development Incentives by Timothy J. Bartik

Regional Policy & Planning Experts

  • Early Childhood, K-12 Education, Kalamazoo Promise & Place-Based Scholarships, Job Security & Unemployment Dynamics, Local Labor Markets, Regional Policy & Planning
  • Industry Studies, Local Labor Markets, Regional Policy & Planning
  • Local Labor Markets, Regional Policy & Planning

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