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Who Benefits from State and Local Economic Development Policies?

Timothy J. Bartik

State and local economic development programs have become increasingly common. But do they create jobs? And, if so, do these jobs provide benefits to the unemployed—or to landowners? Are these programs a zero-sum game?

Bartik reviews evidence on whether state and local policies affect job growth. He then presents empirical data supporting the intentions of such programs, showing that job growth may lead to a number of positive long-term effects including: lower unemployment, higher labor force participation, higher real estate values, and better occupational opportunities. He also shows that the earnings gains to disadvantaged groups outweigh the resulting increased real estate values for property owners, and concludes by saying that regional competition for jobs may actually be a benefit for the nation as a whole.

"This book is an important contribution to the debate on the impact of public policies on business behavior and the distribution of the benefits of economic growth among various population groups. (It) will interest economic development practitioners, policymakers, and academics." –Journal of the American Planning Association

"A manual of sorts for any region across the country frustrated by high unemployment and declining wages." –Chicago Enterprise

"Appendices provide perhaps the best information available anywhere on econometric estimation of causal relationships between state and local public policy initiatives and purported local economic development outcomes." –Economic Geography

"For a course in public administration on economic development programs, this would serve as an excellent text." –Growth and Change

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