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Investing in Kids: Early Childhood Programs and Local Economic Development

Timothy J. Bartik

Investing in Kids blog by Timothy Bartik

“Bartik's new book is a comprehensive and compelling argument for a one-two economic development punch: How state and local governments need to combine both tax incentives for businesses and investments in early childhood education. Once again, Bartik shows why he is the ‘go-to-guy’ on the economics of local economic development.”
–Michael Mandel, Former chief economist at BusinessWeek

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Investing in Kids blog by Timothy Bartik
Addendum: Technical Appendices
Can pre-school save the economy? Timothy Bartik at TEDxMiamiUniversity
Radio interview w/Timothy Bartik

“State and local economic development officials need new strategies, ones backed by fact and evidence. Tim Bartik provides exactly this in his powerfully researched book that documents the link between economic development and investing in young children in ways never done before. Now business leaders and development officials have a sober, fact-based framework for increasing personal incomes, local and state workforce competitiveness, and national fiscal strength. This is a framework for getting our country back on its feet and keeping it there.”–Robert Dugger, founder and managing partner of Hanover Investment Group; chairman of the advisory board, Partnership for Americas Economic Success.

“The case for treating early childhood development as economic development is long overdue. Timothy Bartik's book is the first to take a comprehensive and in-depth look at this issue . . . Bartik's book has much to offer those working in the field of economic development and gives much-needed support to early childhood educators and their profession.”–Art Rolnick, former senior vice president and director of research, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

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