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The International Law of Economic Migration: Toward the Fourth Freedom

Joel P. Trachtman

"This volume examines the welfare economics, political economy, and legal experience in international economic migration, and on the basis of its analysis, suggests the structure of a multilateral framework agreement on international economic migration.

"The issue of international economic migration is a fundamental issue of international governance for the years to come. While there are many political, economic, and legal complexities, it appears that states are ready to begin discussing how best to address restrictions on international migration of workers. As they do so, The International Law of Economic Migration: Toward the Fourth Freedom will serve as an excellent source of analysis and ideas." –Pascal Lamy

"Joel Trachtman is an eminent legal jurist on international trade. Here he extends his range to issues of international migration, demonstrating a rare ability to bring his acute analytical powers to bear on the economics, ethics and politics of this complex subject. The result is a beautiful volume that no student or policymaker can afford to miss." –Jagdish Bhagwati

"An essential read for both the trade practitioner and migration expert. [This] book clearly sides with those calling for a new international migration order and disapproves of bilateralism as a tool for steering economic migration. Yet, it does so in a most carefully crafted manner, based on a vast and truly interdisciplinary literature review of the cost-benefit analysis of migration that in itself proves a treasure trove for scholars interested in migration." –globallawbooks.org

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