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Bidding for Business: The Efficacy of Local Economic Development Incentives in a Metropolitan Area

John E. Anderson and Robert W. Wassmer

Anderson and Wassmer examine the use and effectiveness of local economic development incentives within a specific region, the Detroit metropolitan area. The Detroit area serves as a good example, they say, because of the area's 20-plus year track record of its communities offering the gamut of economic incentives aimed at redirecting economic activity and jobs.

The evidence they uncover reveals factors that drive cities not just in this Southeast Michigan area, but nationwide to offer particular types of incentives that are more or less generous than those offered by their neighbors.

Their work also shows how the redistribution of economic activity within most metropolitan areas has created a spatial mismatch between low-skilled employees living in central cities and inner suburbs and potential employers located increasingly farther out in suburbia.

"Communities and policymakers should find the conclusions intriguing ... [those conclusions] challenge communities to rethink how it is they can best promote their own economic development." –APA Journal

"I recommend [this] book for researchers and economic development practitioners who wish to achieve a more thorough understanding of the use of tax incentives in a metropolitan setting." –Ernest Gross, Urban Studies

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